How To Compete For Page One

Many small and medium enterprises find it hard to get traffic to their websites. It is an almost universal problem that website owners face. This can be detrimental to your business sales and can affect you in a greater way if the website is your main or only stream of income. It is the aim of many a website owner to get their site on the very first page of search results if not at the very top. Many people decide to hire SEO expert services to promote their website and make it more visible on search engines. This strategy can ensure that your website ranks highly among others and hence get you on the page 1 of search engines.

There are three important things to consider when building your site to be ranked highly by search engines. These are;

Keyword research

On Page SEO

Off page SEO (mentions)

Keyword research

Keywords are very important in getting your website on the first page of search engines. A keyword is the word or words which your potential customers or viewers (for those with blogs) are going to type in order to find your website. Keyword optimization is the number one priority for most companies offering SEO expert services. However, you can put up the keywords in your website on your own. The first thing you need to do is to look for software or an online tool which is designed for searching keywords. The next step is to input the keyword and the software will suggest to you other keywords that are related to the one you have chosen. This will give you an array to choose from. It is advisable to look for a tool which shows you the competition (how popular is the keyword). Choose a keyword that isn’t being used by a lot of people (but is also popular) so as to reduce the competition for page 1.

On Page SEO

There are some rules which were set up in May 2013 which restrict and control the use of keywords in your website. It is important to follow these rules so that your website is not disqualified by major search engines and put on the very last page of search results. Companies which offer SEO expert services know these rules and therefore they know how to place the keywords on a webpage. One of the rules is; you should not go putting everything up as a keyword. You should also avoid putting keyword after keyword in the content that you post. Another rule is that you should not have duplicate content on the Internet. If you have an old and active website in which you post the exact content, it is advised to pull it down or get penalized. Using keywords properly will get you on the first page of search engines.

Off page SEO (Getting backlinks to your website)

It is a good strategy to get other websites to link their visitors to your website. This is typical off page SEO and will get lots of traffic to your website. Top search engine optimization companies have an elaborate network of websites which they can use to promote your website through off page SEO. They look for websites which have similar content to yours and get them to put up a link to your website. However, you can do this on your own. You write up an anchor text which directs the user to your website when it is clicked. The anchor text has a hidden URL which is a link to whatever webpage you want to direct people to. A great way of putting up links is doing a guest post on another person’s website and having a backlink to your website. You can also comment on forums and put up your anchor text or post interesting content on popular websites and have a backlink. Commenting on forums is something top search optimization companies usually don’t do. You can therefore have an added advantage by doing so.

Create original and high quality content


The best and simplest way to get traffic to your website is to post high quality content. This means that your website should be of good quality (hire a web designer to do this) and also have quality text. Search engines prefer web pages with no grammar or spelling mistakes so you should check on that. is an excellent service for this. To get your website on page 1, you have to write original content. Stealing someone’s content or posting the same content on multiple websites will cause poor ranking of your website by search engines. Writing original content is one area where expert SEO services can often help you by introducing you to a high quality copywriter.